PhD Program

PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering with concentration in transportation engineering

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy, primarily a research degree, requires from three to four years of graduate study beyond the master’s degree but may extend to six.  Candidates must demonstrate a capacity for independent research by preparing an original thesis on a topic within the major field of study, must meet the qualifying requirements or examination in the area of specialization, and must pass both preliminary and final examinations. The Graduate Handbook supplies more detailed information, but here is a general roadmap:

PhD Road Map

  1. MS Degree
  2. Continued coursework:
    • 32 credits of coursework beyond MS (8 courses)
    • 4 of the 8 units must be at the 500 level (2 courses)
    • Students often enroll in a variety of courses in other departments (CS, MATH, MATSE, MIE, STAT)
  3. Start working on dissertation research
  4. Pass a Qualifying Procedure. The transportation area follows the “Interdisciplinary Qualifying Procedure” described here.
  5. Complete remainder of coursework
  6. Preliminary Exam to approve dissertation plan
  7. Continue research full-time, attend conferences, write technical papers, complete dissertation
  8. Take Final Examination on dissertation research