CoursesSemester OfferedThrust
CEE 201 Systems Engineering and EconomicsFall and SpringSystems
CEE 310 Transportation Engineering (undergraduate survey course)Fall and SpringFacilities/Rail/Systems
CEE 405 Asphalt Materials IFallFacilities
CEE 406 Pavement Design 1FallFacilities
CEE 408 Railroad Transportation EngineeringFallRail
CEE 409 Railroad Track EngineeringFallRail
CEE 410 Railway Signaling and ControlSpringRail
CEE 411 Railroad Project Design and ConstructionSpringRail
CEE 412 High-speed Rail EngineeringFallRail
CEE 415 Geometric Design of RoadwaysSpringFacilities/Systems
CEE 416 Traffic Capacity AnalysisFallSystems
CEE 417 Urban Transportation PlanningFallSystems
CEE 418 Public Transportation SystemsSpringSystems
CEE 498TE Transportation EconomicsSpringSystems
CEE 498 Learning Method for Civil EngineeringFallSystems
CEE 498 TSR Transportation Safety and RiskSpringSystems
CEE 498 RVT Rail Vehicle TechnologyFallRail
CEE 506 Pavement Design/Analysis IISpring - Odd yearsFacilities
CEE 508 Pavement Eval and RehabFall - odd yearsFacilities
CEE 509 Transportation SoilsSpring - Odd yearsFacilities
CEE 512 Logistics System AnalysisFall - odd yearsSystems
CEE 515 Traffic Flow TheorySpring - Even yearsSystems
CEE 517 Traffic Signal SystemsSpring - Odd yearsSystems
CEE 598UTM Urban Transportation ModelsFallSystems
CEE 598UQ Uncertainty QuantificationSpringSystems
CEE 598SS Transportation Soil StabilizationSpring - Even yearsFacilities
CEE 598 RTD Railway Terminal Design & OperationsFall - Even yearsRail
CEE 598 RVD Rail Vehicle DynamicsSpringRail
CEE 598 ET Electric TractionSpringRail